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"Cold Pitch Catalyst improved the way I approached cold pitches 150%

I'd never sent a cold pitch in my life — didn't even know where to start.

I wasn't expecting Cold Pitch Catalyst to improve my copy skills, but it did. The way you move slowly and deliberately through a pitch, explaining why each sentence (or word) enhances the pitch or doesn't would help ANYONE think about the impact of whatever copy they're writing.

I've never taken a course where the instructor was so hands-on and available. That was invaluable.

Before Cold Pitch Catalyst was over, I'd sent a well-researched pitch to an ideal client (that I thought was way out of my league) and got a response asking to schedule a call."

Katie Taylor

Annie Bacher

"Honestly if the only benefit I got from this course were the mindset shifts from Bree, that alone would have made it 100% worth it

Oh man it changed the way I think about cold pitches, and made me realize there's so much connection with all the other copy work I do. I mean, DUH, of course our copywriting skills work in cold pitching!

It was WAY more focused on implementation than other courses I've taken, which I love.

You are GREAT. I love how you move fast, get into the nitty-gritty, and share stories/personal experiences to back up what you're teaching."

"Absolutely changed the way I approach cold pitches

From mindset shifts, to bite-sized how to's, you have made the process so much more approachable and do-able.

Oddly, I feel more competent as a copywriter! I can offer my services with more confidence now that I can frame the exchange as a conversation rather than a win/lose situation.

SO! MUCH! VALUE! The Slack channel would have been enough. The office hours would have been enough. The workshops would have been enough. But to get ALL of those, in addition to your natural teaching style? So, so worth it."

Nicole Morton

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Cold Pitch Catalyst is now closed

but these copywriter are already killing it

The doors close in:

    Ready to start sending cold pitches that get results?

    a 'make or break' business question for freelance copywriters who still struggle to get perfect-fit clients on demand:

    If there was a predictable, step-by-step process to land dreamy wishlist clients without sounding sleazy, feeling salesy or coming off desperate when you show up in their inbox...

    Would you finally feel confident to cold pitch your way to taking control of your prospect pipeline with empathetically persuasive emails?

    Here's why anything short of "you had me at clients on demand" is cancelling out all your best business-building efforts

    Every week, your drool-worthy clients move that one copy project you'd love to do back down to the bottom of their insanely long to-do list again...

    ... because they don't have the time or headspace to go out and find a passionate, qualified copywriter to help them cross off their most pressing copy projects — even when they're willing to pay top dollar to get it done.

    question is:

    Are you willing to lose out on those tailor-made opportunities because you're sitting around waiting for those dream clients to come to you with the projects you're craving?

    Whether you’ve found your niche or you're still testing out what your speciality is going to be, the success of your freelance copywriting business rests heavily on your answer to this question.

    If you can feel in your bones that you’re not connecting with as many potential prospects as you should...


    Your current client-finding strategies feel random at best and leave you wondering whether this will be yet another hungry month of famine...

    Then keep reading…

    Because what follows could easily be that pivotal moment you look back on in a few weeks when your inbox is flush with "Yes, I'm interested" replies from soon-to-be clients who dig your initiative and want to know "when can you start?"

    but first…

    We’ve stumbled into a client-finding crisis

    (... that's right, it’s not your fault)

    Let me know if this sounds familiar:

    You started 2020 off looking up to the "big guns" of our copy fam — like Val Geisler, Justin Blackman, Kirsty Fanton, Chanti Zak, Joel Klettke, Lianna Patch and oh so many others! — excited to follow in their footsteps and inspired to build your own 6-figure copy biz.

    You signed up for Copy School and Copywriting Master Class ready to make copywriting your superpower, and you doubled down on the hard work.

    You joined Confident Copywriting, The Copywriter Club Underground and Copyhacker's 10xFreelancer feeling pumped about your future 5-figure months and 3-month client waitlist, sure it was just around the corner.

    You invested oodles of time to craft your copywriting website, finding the perfect balance of wit, alliteration and voice of customer to make your homepage pop, excited to see an influx of inquiries that would justify hiring a VA to manage the overwhelming number of prospects clamoring for your copy.

    You were ready to see results...

    Primed to be the next Val or Justin or Kirsty... instead of just one of their email subscribers.

    And it wasn't just about the money — it was the insane-to-the-membrane confidence boost that comes from knowing you're one of the most sought after copywriters available for hire.

    It was hitting those lifestyle goals that inspired you to step into the entrepreneurial void and strike out on your own in the first place, knowing that you would be in control of your fate.

    But things haven't quite worked out that way...

    Those footprints you were so psyched to follow in have been blown over by the gritty sand of covid-19.

    Those consistent 5-figure months feel impossibly far away when you're in famine mode, and your client waitlist stretches 3 weeks at best (and 3 hours at worst).

    Your newly sharpened copy skills are sitting pretty waiting for an opportunity to strut their stuff beyond your own website... which doesn't seem to be attracting enough qualified or budget-capable clients that would even warrant that VA.

    And as Chanti, Joel and Lianna zoom forward in their businesses, and stories of copywriters having their 'best year ever' surface in those same copywriting groups you're gig hunting in, you are starting to doubt you'll ever catch up.

    You're starting to doubt that you'll be able to take control of your copywriting business.

    And you're starting to doubt that you could actually be the confident, capable and in-demand copywriter working with dream-quality clients because you leveraged your copy skills into a mini business empire —

    instead of constantly hustling for work when you feel like a total fraud, fighting back bitter resentment as you work with bad-fit clients, and feeling utterly depleted of enthusiasm and optimism.

    but there's something you should know...

    It's not too late to take control of your copywriting business in 2020

    With all the time, effort and emotional bandwidth you've invested into growing your copywriting business — sacrificing evenings, weekends and Netflix binges in the pursuit — you deserve the payoff.

    • You deserve to graduate from the feast or famine cycle, finally hit $10k (or $20k or $50k) in a single month, and start comfortably telling prospects that you're booked out until 2021, but you can slot them in for February.

    • You deserve to uncork your freshly honed copy chops onto projects that light you up for those utopian clients that patiently waited months to work with you, and churn out stellar results that make for sensational case studies (and ultimately play a hand in automating your future marketing).

    • You deserve to feel like the CEO of your own copy co, feeling confident that you can ramp up your business whenever you want — without hitting burnout or risking your financial comfort — because you have a streamlined, reliable system for targeting your ideal clients and filling up your calendar with your favorite copy projects.

    I’m going to tell you exactly how to finally tip the scales back in your favor.

    But first, a few surprisingly key things you gotta let your brain soak up…

    The 4 reasons you're still struggling to crack the code on cold pitching and why they're holding you back from getting perfect-fit clients on demand

    (plus how to guarantee your emails command the attention they deserve)

    Reason #1

    You hate being on the receiving end of cold pitches

    You know what it feels like to be bombarded by cold pitches. Every time one sneaks past your spam filter or arrogantly slides into your LinkedIn messages, you feel a prickle of annoyance.

    Because it's always for things you don't need or can't use, like a lawn maintenance service when you live in a 3rd floor walkup. #deletedwithoutreading

    But besides the lack of targeting or relevancy, what we really hate when we get pitched is that it feels salesy and impersonal. So, the idea of being a cold pitcher makes you cringe, because you don't want to be seen as a sleazy wannabe hocking copy wares.

    What you need:

    Those slimy, selfish cold pitches are unworthy of anyone's eyeballs or time. But the empathetic yet persuasive pitches that spark delight and intrigue are well worth exploring.

    Reason #2

    You're afraid to make assumptions about someone else's business

    The idea of strutting into someone's inbox to tell them how to run their biz feels like getting off a twisting roller coaster after devouring two funnel cakes, a milkshake and side of chili cheese fries.

    It feels like a fast track to coming across as a desperate freelancer with a yawning gap in the ol' project pipeline, so your cold pitches sound inadvertently apologetic.

    It all comes down to that deep-seated lie rattling around your brain telling you "real" copywriters with "real" businesses should be fully booked at all times and therefore don't need to send cold pitches.

    What you need:

    You're not making assumptions when you ground your suggestions in real facts. And when you cold pitch a business, you're showing up as a successful copywriter and business packaged as one.

    Reason #3

    You learned the key to successful cold pitches was to keep it short

    Let me guess...

    You've done your research and the number one thing everyone says about cold pitches is: make it short, people are busy!

    So, in addition to wrangling your fears of rejection — or worse that they'll actually engage and ask for detail you don't have, and then reject you — you've got to get across your awesomeness in less words than you'd find on the back of a Dan Brown thriller.

    But every time your pithy, short cold pitch goes unanswered, you lose momentum yet again.

    What you need:

    Your prospective clients read short copy. They also read long copy. The only copy they don't want to read (or respond to) is irrelevant copy.

    Reason #4

    You've got no clue how to prove your worthiness in a single email

    You're trying to create an email chock full of value to make it worth your reader's time.

    If only they hired you, they could see your brilliance!

    But you already feel a bit like a fraud, so pitching your worth or your skills also feels fraudulent. And then, cold pitching hardly serves any purpose but to reinforce the voice of your own imposter syndrome.

    It's a totally different feeling when someone reaches out to you for help. But when you're going out of your way to take up their time with an uninvited pitch, there's huge pressure to deliver value.

    What you need:

    When you're trying to prove yourself or your skills, you'll always be fighting an uphill battle. When you're offering a solution, it's a level playing field.

    The good news is...

    Building a pipeline of perfect-fit clients with cold pitching is easier than you think

    If you've made it this far, you already know you can take control of your copywriting business and land dreamy wishlist clients without sounding sleazy, feeling salesy or coming off as desperate when you show up in their inbox.

    No need to remind you of that (:

    But maybe you didn't know that by cold pitching prospects with my Empathetically Persuasive Cold Pitch Framework (that I'm about to share with you), you'll also have the power to:

    • Build a successful, sustainable business through a solid foundation of proactive marketing as well as long-term authority-building visibility

    • Build a name for yourself and forge new relationships within your niche

    • Quickly validate, test and get experience on new-to-you copy projects — without having to offer a 'beta rate' or discounted price

    • Raise your rates by directly targeting better, higher-paying clients you've been hankering to work with

    • Deploy a stop-gap solution when a prospective client postpones last minute or needs to pause a retainer — without relying on profit-pilfering platforms like Upwork and Fiverr

    • Boost your sales revenue with a steady stream of project work fueled by your most profitable offers and packages

    • Feel a surge in confidence as you see your business and mindset growing, and take a more discerning approach to which clients you work with

    • Start building (or revamping) your portfolio, website or conversion stats for the target market you're most excited to serve or test out

    YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you (whether you're a brand new copywriter or an experienced freelancer stepping into cold pitching).

    ... but they do depend on taking a well-tested, step-by-step approach.

    One that leverages your existing copy chops combined with a few not-so-talked about strategies, while pushing through all that head trash that's trying to rip a hole through your momentum.

    One that's been my secret weapon for finding my niche, tripling my rates and building out a waitlist of my perfect-fit clients — without feeling salesy, annoying my prospects, or trying to distill my essence into a haiku.

    One that I've been testing and honing and brought in $10k in 30 days... in the middle of a pandemic... after losing all my copywriting clients. And that I've since been able to channel as my trusty, hasn't-failed-me-yet prospecting channel whenever there's a gap in my copy calendar.


    One that you'll excitedly point back to a few weeks from now when you hit 'refresh' on your email and see a "Ok sold. Let's do this. When can you start?" reply staring right at you.

    I couldn't be more excited to unveil my signature cold pitching system to you...


    Cold Pitch Catalyst

    The proven and repeatable system for writing cold pitches that get results

    Get the most effective cold pitch playbook crafted for copywriters and put it into action in your business.

    This 4-week intensive will have you sending out killer cold pitches that get responses like, "Sold, when can you start?" by Halloween.

    You'll get a step-by-step walkthrough of my Empathetically Persuasive Cold Pitch Framework, the mindset strategies you need to snuff out the fear of rejection that's holding you back, and the support you need to start implementing asap.

    So that soon enough your sales pipeline will be booked out to 2022.

    October 1st → October 31st

    Only 30 spots available

    This course is for you if:

    • You want more clients and projects now: you want to start getting clients on demand and have a steady stream of work — but building authority through content and social media means playing the long game.

    • You want to make more money: you're ready to end the cycle of feast and famine, and start generating leads that you can convert into new clients. Your bank account is ready for a lift, too.

    • You want to take control of your client pipeline: you like the idea of proactive marketing to expand your client base instead of waiting for perfect-fit clients to find you in a sea of a dozen other copywriters vying for the same opportunities.

    • You want to be more selective about which clients you take on: you're tired of working with clients who are just meh to work with and you're ready to leave behind all ones who make you question your sanity.

    • You want to test out a new niche: you haven't chosen a niche yet or you're ready for a change, but you need experience in this new space to see if you like it and if it's something you want to dive all the way into.

    • You want to raise your rates: you're ready to go after a new, bigger type of client and see cold pitching as a way to raise your rates — without the baggage of the low prices your current clients are currently used to — slowing you down.

    This course is NOT for you if:

    • You're already a cold pitch master: if you're already really good at cold pitching, getting responses to just about every cold pitch you send, with a conversion rate through the roof, and a process to boot, then this isn't for you.

    • The investment is more than a stretch: I've lived paycheck to paycheck under a mountain of debt. I don't recommend it.

    • You're looking for a template: I teach a cold pitch framework that you can use in whole or in part in your business. It's not a MadLibs style template, because those don't work. I know because I tried that approach first.

    • You don't have 4 hours/week: learning something new takes time, but implementing it takes twice that. If you don't have availability to do the work, you won't see results. And I want everyone who joins to see stellar results.

    Here's how it all breaks down

    Week by week

    week 1

    Who to pitch

    how to find, research and vet potential cold pitch prospects step by step

    • Transform your dream client wishlist into a personal cold pitch plan

    • Get to know your prospects on a personal level before you pitch — without being stalker level creepy

    • How to spot bad-fit clients before you even write a cold pitch for them

    • The best tools, tech and platforms to find email addresses and track sends

    • How to identify the best point of contact to pitch in a company

    • Behind-the-scenes look at my research docs and how I organize my data

    week 2

    What to pitch

    how to discover, brainstorm and strategize copywriting projects for your prospects

    • What to look for in a brand's marketing to find copy-sized gaps you can fill

    • How to translate research into a perfect-fit project your prospect will love

    • Which projects are the easiest to pitch when you're first starting out

    • How to pitch high-ticket offers and raise your rates through pitching

    • What you can pitch when a brand already has really good copy

    • Simple ways to reduce your process to just a few minutes of brainstorming

    week 3

    How to write the pitch

    aka the cold pitch framework that brought me $10k in 30 days with no experience

    • Empathetically Persuasive Cold Pitch Framework broken down step by step

    • How to organize your prospect research in the first draft of your pitch

    • The best ways to get the conversation started and build connection quickly

    • How to sound worth hiring: professional, compelling and confident

    • The four words I use in every cold pitch and why they're so effective

    • How to get potential clients to open, read and respond to pitches quickly

    • What details to include in your pitch to make it feel personal, but not creepy

    • How to apply conversion principles to your cold pitch when you're editing

    week 4

    Optimize the pitch

    easy ways to make a good pitch a great one to 10x your chances of landing the gig

    • How to craft click-worthy subject lines that get opened pronto

    • How to balance a CTA that transforms a cold pitch into a sales conversation

    • How to improve deliverability and avoid getting caught by spam filters

    • How to follow up on an unanswered pitch without being annoying

    • How to transform any decent pitch into a "too good to be ignored" kind of pitch

    • How to turn your best cold pitch drafts into your own master themeplate

    It's like the Cold Pitch Masterclass and the Cold Pitch Gold Popup Slack Community

    ... but supersized like in "Honey, I Blew Up The Kid"

    What you'll get inside Cold Pitch Catalyst

    Aside from my incessant, unwavering belief in you

    • Cold Pitch Conversion Principles: you'll learn the subtle science and exact art of crafting empathetically persuasive cold pitches that drive crazy stats like my 100% response rate and 60% conversion rate.

    • Cold Pitch Mindset Shifts: fear of rejection, feeling sleazy and coming off desperate are tough mindsets to push through, which is why we'll work together to reframe your cold pitching mindset. Because once you find a framework that works, cold pitching is fun, profitable and nearly effortless.

    • Weekly Pitching Hour: real-talk Q&A sessions where you can get fast answers directly from me. I'll share my best and worst cold pitches, get real about what's worked for me (and what failed miserably) and which ideas I'm testing out right now, so you can skip all the mistakes I made and speed up your progress.

    • Pitch Reviews & Feedback: get input on your cold pitch drafts in two different ways: 1) submit your cold pitch draft for review so that I and your peers can share ideas 2) submit your cold pitch draft for feedback to get private advice directly from me. Either way, you'll transform your decent draft into a killer cold pitch.

    • Send Em' Sessions: start implementing asap in our virtual, live co-working sessions, where you can stop talking about writing and sending killer cold pitches, and actually start doing it. You'll leave each session with a completed cold pitch and euphoric feeling of stone cold badassery.

    • Private Slack Community: connect with your fellow copywriters for accountability and support. This will be your go-to community to get same-day replies on can't-wait questions, get a flurry of motivation when you're hesitating to hit send, and the tough love you need to prod you into action.

    Who am I to teach you about cold pitching?

    "The Official Cold Email Queen 👑"

    What does a disruptive startup founder and a bubbly course creator have in common?

    They respond to cold pitching. I know because I pitched them. And others.

    My name is Bree Weber. I'm a conversion copywriter splitting her time between the CRO world of SaaS startups and the personality-packed world of launch copy for course creators.

    In May 2020, I tripled my revenue in 30 days. In the middle of a pandemic. After losing all my copywriting clients.

    All that revenue came from pitching.

    Since then, I've continued to scale my income, build out a waitlist of dreamy clients and supercharge my confidence as a copywriter. Now, I take pride in my 100% open rate and 100% response rate. Plus, 60% of my cold pitches turn into paid projects.

    In September 2020, I decided to share my cold pitch framework with other copywriters in a free masterclass. It went off like gangbusters. And copywriters keep emailing, pinging and DMing me to ask for cold pitching tips and tricks to get results.

    Now, I'm pulling back the curtain on my Empathetically Persuasive Cold Pitch Framework and implementation strategies to help you take control of your business.

    Copywriters who loved my pitches:

    Your Investment

    Cold Pitch Catalyst

    The proven and repeatable system for writing cold pitches that get results

    October 1st → October 31st

    Only 30 spots available


    2 payments


    2 PAYMENTS OF $597


    1 payment


    SAVE $97

    You might remember me from the Cold Pitch Masterclass

    People seemed to really love it...

    Try it for 31 days

    ⭐️ Your Growth Guarantee ⭐️

    I get it. Cold pitching is scary as hell. It makes you nervous, nauseous and downright panicky. It brings out all your worst fears of being rejected, getting called out as a fraud masquerading as a copywriter, and coming across as a desperate freelancer who can't find work.

    And I know that going out on a limb, investing time, money and energy, can be hard. Especially in today's world, where it's tough to know what will be different 30 days from now.

    You've made it this far and you didn't immediately close your tab when you looked at the price, so you're probably thinking this might just be the solution you're looking for. But how do you know that my Empathetically Persuasive Cold Pitch Framework will work for you?

    Look: I can't promise you'll get the same exact results as I did. But I believe in Cold Pitch Catalyst and I believe it will help you get more projects, more clients and more money — starting with responses to your cold pitches. And I'm willing to put money on it, if you are.

    Follow my framework, do the work every week, implement my feedback on your drafts, and send out at least 5 pitches. If by day 31, you don't get a response or feel that your cold pitching has improved, email me.

    I'll refund 100% of your money, and then I'll help you write a better cold pitch.

    only 30 spots available

    Cold Pitch Catalyst

    The proven and repeatable system for writing cold pitches that get results

    October 1st → October 31st


    2 payments


    2 PAYMENTS OF $597


    1 payment


    SAVE $97

    Can one have too many raving reviews?

    This copy fam really is spectacular...

    only 30 spots available

    Cold Pitch Catalyst

    The proven and repeatable system for writing cold pitches that get results

    October 1st → October 31st


    2 payments


    2 PAYMENTS OF $597


    1 payment


    SAVE $97

    Frequently answered questions

    How is this different from the masterclass?

    The free masterclass only covered about 10% (I mean, we only really had maybe 5 minutes on each step). Cold Pitch Catalyst is a 4-week intensive, so we'll go 10x deeper into the framework and focus on implementation, so you can actually start sending cold pitches... and getting replies.

    Can I learn all this without you?

    Absolutely! That's how I did it. Of course, it took me months of mistakes, lots of failed pitches and a whole lotta 'no's to find success. Cold Pitch Catalyst is your speedy shortcut.

    Aren't beta programs messy?

    Sometimes, but they also come with a lot of upsides. For starters, I'm pretty eager to prove myself, so I'll likely go above and beyond like I'll never do again. Plus, if this is anywhere near as popular as the masterclass was, this beta will probably be the most accessible I'll ever be.

    Can you guarantee I'll get sales?

    No, I’m not gonna insult your intelligence and say you’ll definitely make $X from this intensive. We both know there are way too many factors involved in converting a prospect into a client for me to promise that.

    How is this different from the popup group?

    Cold Pitch Gold Popup was a temporary space to get your questions answered, and we barely scratched the surface. Cold Pitch Catalyst includes tons of examples, pitch feedback, and tutorials to help you with your cold pitch implementation and mindset.

    Will I get cold pitch email templates?

    I'll do you one better. Cold Pitch Catalyst offers you a repeatable framework you can use to pitch any project to any one in any niche. Plus, I'll help you craft a master themeplate based on your copywriting business.

    How much time do I need?

    Cold Pitch Catalyst will take roughly 4 hours each week for the entire month of October, which includes the weekly modules, office hours and optional sessions for feedback and implementation. You'll want to set aside additional time to start crafting and sending your cold pitches.

    Why is this program worth the money?

    If you sign one single client you cold pitch using my framework, this intensive will have paid for itself. Cold Pitch Catalyst will give you everything you need to line up prospects — it's up to you to convert them into clients.

    The surprising benefits of being an early adopter

    Why bother with a beta?

    • A reduced price because it's the first one

    • A first run at the program to test out cool stuff that might not make it into the final, polished version

    • A chance to shape future versions as a founding member

    • More attention than a larger version of the program can offer

    • More hands-on support because of the smaller group size

    • More unexpected value because I'm so eager to prove myself that I'll probably go above and beyond and totally overdeliver (it's my M.O)

    a swipe-worthy love note

    Have you read all the copy on this page and saved it to your swipe file — yet you still haven't closed the tab?

    I do that a lot, too. Sometimes, it's because I simply haven't made a decision yet.

    But usually it's because even though I want to buy the course, I don't feel like I should invest in myself... like, maybe I don't deserve it. This may or may not be the right program for you, but no matter what you decide, you are both worthy and capable of taking a step up in your business and for yourself.

    You are the master of your fate

    Thanks for letting me know you're not interested in Cold Pitch Catalyst right now

    I'm just glad you made the decision that's right for you

    I'd love to get your feedback on what cold pitching resources would help you most.
    Can you answer a few questions about would make this a no-brainer for you?

    Wait — actually I am interested!

    Thank you for being a founding member to kickstart the beta round of Cold Pitch Catalyst! 🎉

    I totally think you made the right call

    I want to make this 4-week intensive as value-packed and mega impactful as possible for you. Can you fill out this kickoff survey right now?

    Cold Pitch Catalyst Beta Application

    Let's make sure we're the perfect fit

    Apply for Cold Pitch Catalyst now and get an instant decision (because nobody likes waiting) — if we're a perfect fit, you'll receive an immediate invitation to join.

    Cold Pitch Catalyst Beta Application

    Let's make sure we're the perfect fit

    Apply for Cold Pitch Catalyst now and get an instant decision (because nobody likes waiting) — if we're a perfect fit, you'll receive an immediate invitation to join.


    2 payments


    2 PAYMENTS OF $597


    1 payment


    SAVE $197



    2 payments


    SAVE $197


    1 payment




    2 payments


    SAVE $197


    1 payment


      Plus one doozy of a bonus

      Live Over-The-Shoulder Tutorial

      If you join before 11:59pm PST Sunday September 13th, you’ll also get this time sensitive bonus:

      Watch me craft a cold pitch email from start to send.

      Watch me live as I choose who to pitch, work through the mindset blocks that still come up, determine what to pitch, and then actually write an empathetically persuasive cold pitch — breaking down the process along the way — and send it out.

      It's the best way to see how an effective cold pitch really comes together.

      Sweet, consider it jotted down

      Yay! Now I know a smidgen more about you

      Super excited to kick off October like it's 🔥 with you

      Is Cold Pitch Catalyst right for you?

      Take the quiz and find out